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Target the right customers. Drive more revenue.

Worried you might be targeting the wrong customers?

Our audience profiling service will help you better understand the diverse types of audiences you attract or want to attract and, more importantly, which ones to focus on.

Our expert strategic planners will help you:

  • Understand your market size

  • Move your customer acquisition activity towards the right types of audience by finding look-alike customers

  • Choose media channels that best fit your target audiences and support any moves towards channel shift

  • Tailor your proposition and messaging to attract the right customers

  • Identify what your VIPs look like and those customers ‘on the cusp’ who could be converted

  • Understand what less active customers look like to help prevent churn

Geo-demographic profiling

We’ll geo-demographically profile your customer base into sub-groups using Acorn, a market leading geo-dem tool to gain demographic insights on any audience or sub-groups you may want to understand more about.

For example, this could be:

  • More prospects vs. customers
  • Recent customers vs. legacy
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Subscription vs. non-subscription
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2D Commuter Belt Wealth

Pen portraits to bring your audiences to life

We’ll run customer profiles against your data and create pen portraits that bring your audiences to life, building a deeper picture including:

  • Demographics
  • Affluence
  • Lifestyle and media
  • Digital channel usage
  • Attitudes
  • Brand preference

We’ll recommend strategies that make the most of those insights.

Do you really know your customers?

Many organisations have a picture of their customers in their head.

However, with rapid and fundamental market changes, this picture may no longer be representative, up-to-date, or include potentially valuable new sub-segments.

Our audience profiling service can help. Book your session today!


Apteco Orbit

Apteco Orbit connects your data sources and creates a single environment in which you can visualise data in a single view. Create custom dashboards, reports, and even marketing campaign storyboards, that can be shared with multiple Apteco Orbit users. 

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DCX is an award-winning Apteco Partner

DCX is an Apteco Premium partner agency, working with clients from around the world to digitally transform their operations and enrich customer connections. 

DCX is a proud member of the UK Apteco partner network and has over 15 years’ experience helping businesses like yours enable multi-channel marketing from all your data sources. 

For our data transformation work with Greene King and Health Education England, we were named finalists in the Best Use of Apteco Awards 2022.

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