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Use insight to drive change.

Collecting, connecting, and analysing data for new insights helps to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and craft better experiences.

We'll support you with the collection, storage, and interpretation of customer data to draw out actionable insights for your marketing campaigns and transform your business.

Businesses today have more data sources than ever before, and you can quickly discover that you have different kinds of customer data spread in pockets across your whole business. These data silos can result in costly, inaccurate marketing campaigns and dangerous gaps in customer knowledge.

We know how data can be captured, processed, and understood. And we can turn it to your advantage.

AI can help make sense of large amounts of data and deliver real-time decisioning on your next action. Just think how amazing it would be if you could automatically offer up personalised content and recommendations, seamlessly propose products for cross-sell, and identify the customers most likely to churn or when they're most likely to purchase again.

If you have several siloed databases, we can unify them with our single customer view solutions. And with advanced analytics, segmentation, and profiling, we'll help you create relevant, targeted, and personalised communications and campaigns.

From setting up business rules to drive automated communications, connecting them seamlessly to your operational or marketing deployment engines, to backing it all up with effective creativity to engage with your audiences, our team has the expertise to deliver meaningful insights and drive positive change.

"DCX are part of the team. We've had such a close working relationship. You've just had this seamless ability to bring in your team and they instantly become part of Eaton Vance, and the face of relationship marketing to our internal clients. And that's been great".

Holly DiCostanz, VP, Director Relationship Marketing, Eaton Vance

Do Data. Better.

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