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Personalisation for top US investment management firm

"DCX are part of the team. We've had such a close working relationship. You've just had this seamless ability to bring in your team and they instantly become part of Eaton Vance, and the face of relationship marketing to our internal clients. And that's been great."

Holly DiCostanz, VP, Director Relationship Marketing at Eaton Vance



Like many large businesses, Eaton Vance often found it challenging to communicate with their clients and prospects in a way that was relevant, specific and, above all else, personalised.

Eaton Vance has a number of internal staff such as financial advisors who wanted to send their own email content to their audience. Knowing that a marketing automation platform isn’t always best suited for those without marketing technology experience, the business introduced a simple-to-use WYSIWYG editor known as Stensul. This enabled the end-users to create email content, from which the HTML could simply be lifted and shifted into Adobe Campaign for workflow execution to the appropriate audience, saving the business substantial time and energy that could be consumed on other key initiatives.

They had to capture everything they needed to know about every recipient – and make sure everyone across Eaton Vance had access to that insight. Then, they had to ensure that every piece of communication gave the recipient knowledge and insight that was really useful to them - in a format they wanted. And, of course, they had to do all of this efficiently and consistently.

To address all these things, Eaton Vance invested in the marketing tool, Adobe Campaign, which automates marketing communications and builds detailed profiles of clients and prospects. However, it became clear fairly quickly that they weren’t getting all the available benefits from the software.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of Adobe Campaign and expertise in marketing and technology, they asked DCX to help.



“You guys were great. You said, ‘We’ve seen this before. We know what to do’.”

Holly DiCostanzo, VP, Director of Relationship Marketing at Eaton Vance was delighted with the results. She said: “We were having a lot of challenges (with the software). Being able to ensure we had flawless execution... having enough checks and balances in place as we moved to more data-driven marketing capability... and making sure the customer experience was as expected. And, frankly, that we were building trust (in the tool) within the organisation."

“So, when we brought DCX on board, we really needed a partner to help us and, first and foremost, come to terms with some of these operational issues that were just dogging us: error messages, slowness, just a lot of symptomatic things that really showed us we needed to optimise the overall infrastructure."

Our solution had three basic parts. Firstly, we upgraded the software to the latest version. Secondly, we looked at the processes that Eaton Vance were using and created a new structure of workflows that ensured that all the data going into the software was complete, accurate, and assigned correctly. This enabled Eaton Vance to confidently add much more data to their email campaigns.

Finally, we trained their people to use the software’s advanced features and to take advantage of the ones that were particularly useful for them. Holly added: “Being able to personalise the content by subject line greetings, closing signature styles, etc... We really needed a partner to be able to show us how to do that. And that was tremendously helpful. And all of that's really given us the capability to innovate faster.”


Eaton Vance’s marketing communications have been transformed. One of the most valuable improvements is that sales people can now personalise their communications to a much greater extent.

Holly explained: “A sales person on the West Coast may have an entirely different set of communications and communication styles that get pulled into their campaigns. Someone on the East Coast may be talking about a completely different set of products. It has a completely different set of touch-points. The cadence is different. When they want the communications to start is different. But all of this can happen in a very seamless, automated way. That has been a tremendous success story.”

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