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Have you preserved your Universal Analytics data?

By now, you've probably moved and getting to grips with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

But have you preserved your Universal Analytics data?

If you haven't, you really need to. On 1 July 2024, Google will delete all historical Universal Analytics data.

There are good reasons to start your preservation take right now...

  • View historical trends - a historical perspective to your data is essential for identifying patterns and making strategic changes.

  • Compare data - preserving historical data will allow you to compare your current performance against past data. This could be helpful in understanding seasonal fluctuations and identifying growth opportunities.

  • Ensure data continuity - having continuous data-sets can provide a seamless understanding of long-term trends and activities. Any gaps in the data could lead to skewed interpretations.

  • Maintain competitive analysis - your historical data can offer insights into how you stand against your competitors over time.

How DCX can help

The death of Universal Analytics data is more than just a technical change. Ignoring the impending deadline of 1 July 2024 may mean irreversible data losses that you could have easily avoided.

It's crucial to verify that your exported data is both complete and accurate to maintain data integrity.

You need an expert data and analytics agency like DCX to help!

Our data and analytics experts will ensure that all your historical data is preserved.

Not only that, but we’ll review your current analytics measurement framework and current set-up and configure your new GA4 instance to ensure you can analyse and report on the same key web, app, and marketing KPIs that you always did.


"We're pleased to share a long and successful partnership with DCX, whose technical expertise has helped us most recently upgrade our marketing database, enabling a step-change in our ability to deliver more timely and relevant communications to our customers and more actionable intelligence to our marketers."

Ian Strong, Head of Customer Interactions & Data - Direct Line Group

Use insight to drive change...

Collecting, connecting, and analysing data for new insights helps to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and craft better experiences.

Our dedicated data and analytics team with a combined 50 years’ experience will support you with the collection, storage, and interpretation of customer data to draw out actionable insights for your marketing campaigns and transform your business.


Managing data and analytics for leading brands...

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Industry-leading data hygiene and suppression

We use a comprehensive data hygiene suite including PAF, obscenity checks, and record formatting.

Flexible de-duplication at Individual, Family, Household or Company levels.

Over 200 million consumer suppression records covering deceased, preference, assumed gone-away, and notifications.

Apteco Orbit

Apteco Orbit connects your data sources and creates a single environment in which you can visualise data in a single view. Create custom dashboards, reports, and even marketing campaign storyboards, that can be shared with multiple Apteco Orbit users. 

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DCX is an award-winning Apteco Partner

DCX is an Apteco Premium partner agency, working with clients from around the world to digitally transform their operations and enrich customer connections. 

DCX is a proud member of the UK Apteco partner network and has over 15 years’ experience helping businesses like yours enable multi-channel marketing from all your data sources. 

For our data transformation work with Greene King and Health Education England, we were named finalists in the Best Use of Apteco Awards 2022.

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