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Driving millions in revenue for popular car manufacturer


When it came to launching the KONA, Hyundai Motor Company needed to appeal to both the young and the young at heart.

This meant attracting those who typically perceived Hyundai to be anonymous, traditional, and for the most part, older drivers. We were also faced with the challenge of keeping hand raisers interested in the launch with a limited amount of product information on offer.

Hyundai wanted DCX to run a campaign to generate interest in the KONA, nurture it carefully, and drive consideration that would convert to sales, while creating a halo effect for the other Hyundai models.



We started by profiling the base audience against competitor car profiles and the UK new car buyer profiles so we could identify higher value hot prospects as well as warmer ones on the cusp.

As the KONA was a new brand for Hyundai at the time, it was imperative we took a radical departure away from their normal heritage sub brand. We needed to be out there with something different, establishing KONA as a brand that is as cool as the car - a massive change of approach, creating the excitement of a new style that people would talk about.

Using data and analytics we were able to suggest who the right audience was – those who wanted a new car - and how best to reach them. We also knew we needed to target drivers who knew what they liked when it came to colour, design and embracing every opportunity to express their individual style. So, we opted for mailing packs and emails as a way to market directly to these customers.

To connect with these confident, self-assured individuals we created a poster mailing using photography as confident as the KONA itself, including authentic graffiti art, followed by an appropriately vibrant launch mailing that shared their love of in-your-face style, celebrating bold design, and indulging their need for self-expression. For those who were more traditional and further away from purchase we developed a lower cost yet still appropriate mailing pack.

For the higher value hotter prospects, we made the most of physical direct mail interaction with a high unit cost pack leading to digital share – getting the customer engaged with the art of the creative and share their masterpieces with the world at #YouDefineIt. The mailing pack featured a colouring book which was zeitgeist at the time and helped bridge the gap between physical and digital as it encouraged user generated content. The wide range of bold colours for the colouring book also helped to mirror the big colour palette for the KONA.

For those who were more traditional and further away from purchase we developed a lower cost yet still appropriate mailing pack.

We also used emails, managed and sent through Acoustic, to help prompt people through the journey. It can often take up to 6 months since launch for a car to be available for purchase, so we had to keep the momentum going. When building the emails, we made sure they were creative and aspirational; used minimal copy to create a stronger impact; and delivered a hard-nosed benefit across multiple variants and had strong calls to action.


We produced a planned customer journey from the reveal to launch to ensure we kept hand-raisers engaged through exciting video and visual content. This included a total of 8 emails, and we used differential messaging to reflect whether we were targeting those who were yet to be engaged versus those that had hand raised. Lastly, we made sure to leverage existing activity to generate awareness and keep hand-raisers warm (via the Experience Newsletter and Mercury Awards).

To convert to test drive we also sent focussed, stripped back emails.




email engagement rate


KONA sales


in revenue


The campaign garnered some impressive results.

The email campaign produced an average open rate of 83% and an engagement rate of 65%.

Paired with the mailing, these emails generated 1,322 KONA marketing requests and contributed to more than 25% of the combined target set for all marketing disciplines.

The campaign also generated 437 direct KONA sales worth over £7.2 million in revenue, delivering a 1:26 return on investment.

And with a more lasting effect, we helped to shift the customer demographic from a following amongst older drivers to younger families. Job done!

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