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Set the foundation for business growth with Salesforce Sales Cloud - the world's number one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for sales. Accelerate growth and boost productivity - from lead and contact management to opportunity forecasting and deal closing.

As a certified Salesforce partner, with many years' experience, DCX helps you gain the full benefit from Salesforce Sales Cloud to build business relationships and grow revenue - all with a single source of truth when it comes to your data.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud’s automation software helps organisations sell better, faster, and more efficiently by providing everything your sales teams need on one integrated platform.

Salesforce Sales Cloud gives your business a complete sales tech suite, where AI and automation are built-in, and is designed to easily scale as you grow. Built on the world's #1 CRM platform, your company can experience game-changing end-to-end revenue management across the entire customer lifecycle, as well as bring all customer data together in one place.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

  • Activity Management - manage and your outreach emails and engagement on one platform to track all sales activity and get a complete view of your customer or prospect.

  • Lead Management - understand where prospects are on the buying cycle, track deals from any channel, and manage your activities with an actionable to-do list.

  • Account & Opportunity Management - pull together complete data on your prospective clients and existing customers, seamlessly manage your relationships, and take action.

  • Forecast Management - discover and monitor sales pipeline trends, and make changes on the fly to drive forecast accuracy.

  • Pipeline Management - maintain and manage a healthy sales pipeline and help prioritise deals with the power of AI.

  • Reports & Dashboards - track lead volume, conversion rates, and every part of your pipeline with customisable reports and dashboards.

  • Workflow & Process Automation - build your sales processes into Salesforce Sales Cloud with drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing you to automate complex processes and manage territory assignments with ease.

  • Quoting & Contract Approvals - create client quotes in minutes and automatically grant approvals to keep deals moving.

  • Collaboration & Optimisation - work together as a team on deals, from anywhere.

How we can help you with Salesforce Sales Cloud

DCX is a Salesforce consulting partner, with 10+ years' experience helping brands all around the world with Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation and integration.

Our in-house Salesforce Practice is an expert team of certified and accredited experts in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Tableau, and more.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, we'll help you maximise productivity, get valuable insights in the state of your business, and streamline sales processes to expand with you as your business grows.

Sales Engagement

Get your organisation selling quicker with sales engagement built directly into your CRM system.

Move deals forward at speed with sales engagement cadences, email templates, and automated actions that are easy to build and scale as you grow.

Simply coordinate and track customer meetings with integrated calendar scheduling.

Sales AI

Your business can start selling smarter with AI for sales. Guide sellers to close deals faster whilst automating and tailoring sales tasks with Einstein - Salesforce's built-in AI engine.

Get all-important sales call insights to quickly move deals forward. You can log and transcribe calls automatically to help improve sales team follow-ups.

Forecast your pipeline with confidence thanks to data-based AI-predictions and explanations.

Sales Analytics

With sales analytics built directly into your CRM, you can improve forecast accuracy, close deals faster, and accelerate revenue intelligence.

Get intelligent AI- and data-driven predictions and suggestions to enhance forecasting and manage pipeline gaps to allow you to concentrate on the job of generating revenue.

Tailor and power up your sales analytics and revenue predictions by pulling in external data into Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing you to discover trends and take action at the point of insight.

Sales Performance Management

With sales performance management software built directly into Salesforce Sales Cloud, your company can allocate sales resources strategically and empower  your sales reps to close deals faster.

Make better-informed decisions by reviewing your current sales territory model and overlay key macro- and micro-economic trend data.

Get the data you need - all in one place - to focus on high-value current and prospect accounts and uncover new opportunities.

Strategy & Consultancy

We help organisations all around the world drive more memorable customer experiences and deliver even greater business impact.


Years’ Salesforce Experience




Successful Implementations

Accelerate your business growth

Salesforce Sales Cloud will allow your organisation to discover new insights into client and prospect behaviour, and help to manage your sales force and your new and existing business pipeline to accelerate growth.

Craft connections and drive revenue with a single source of truth for your data.

Get detailed visibility into your company's health and stay on track to meet and exceed pipeline targets.

Streamline sales processes - all of which can be tailored specifically to your business - in order to push productivity.

DCX works with some of the largest organisations in the world, helping them transform the customer experience and deliver more revenue.

Keen to find out more? A member of our friendly Salesforce practice is ready and waiting to help - just get in touch with us!

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