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Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud Engagement) encompasses all the elements you need to manage your marketing and digital communications. Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes capabilities for user journey management, content creation and management, social media, email, and analytics.

As a certified Salesforce partner agency, DCX uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud to transform your customer communications through data-first digital marketing.

Connect your data for customer success, and engage current and new customers with messaging that drives conversions, growth, and delivers improved ROI .

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - now Marketing Cloud Engagement - is a state-of-the-art marketing automation platform, boasting a premium suite of tools and capabilities for organisations seeking to revolutionise their marketing across multiple channels including email, mobile, web, social media, and advertising.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to build connected customer experiences based on customer-centric journeys, personalising every interaction at scale with data and AI – a true customer 360 engagement engine.

As part of the wider Salesforce ecosystem, it can seamlessly integrate with other native Salesforce solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

  • Customer Journey Management - with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your organisation can track customer interactions across all channels and devices, and use that data to create personalised customer journeys. Analyse customer behaviour and preferences to understand how to engage with them more effectively.

  • Personalisation - for a connected customer experience across all digital touch-points. Make use of customer data and tailor messages to match each customer's preferences, behaviour, and buying history, to increase engagement, improve customer loyalty, and drive conversions.

  • Multi-channel Marketing - extend customer reach across multiple channels, including email, mobile, social media, web, and digital ads, allowing you to connect with customers where they are most active, and deliver a consistent brand message across all interactions.

  • Data Management & Automation - central to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's capabilities, allowing you to bring together customer data from multiple sources, create segments, and gain insights into customer behaviour, in order to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns as well as to streamline marketing workflows.

  • Integrations - Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates with a wide range of external systems, including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, enabling you to extend the full capabilities of Salesforce and integrate it into your existing marketing technology stack, enabling data sharing across different teams and departments, providing you with a unified view of customer interactions.

  • Analytics - Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers robust reporting capabilities, enabling you to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by gaining real insights into customer behaviour, campaign performance, and ROI.

How we can help you with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

DCX is one of Salesforce's trusted Marketing Cloud partners, with over 10+ years' experience helping brands all around the world with Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and integration.

Our in-house practice is composed of an expert team of certified and accredited Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts, with a proven track record of Salesforce platform and solution implementations, integrations, and campaign activations.

We'll help you maximise your investment in Marketing Cloud.


With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalisation, powered by Interaction Studio, we make 1-to-1 customer engagement a reality - across all touch-points, gaining in-depth insights on each customer and applying AI to deliver personalised and relevant experiences at any point in their journey.


Loyalty Management

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Loyalty Management, we help customers create bespoke and scalable loyalty programmes, which foster relationships and drive customer loyalty, all with AI predictive capabilities built directly into your Salesforce CRM.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (powered by Datorama), we help customers connect, analyse, and take action on all data in one marketing dashboard to drive ROI and growth across your business.

Customer Data Platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform allows you to get a complete view of each customer with unified profiles.

Import and put together data from anywhere to develop complete picture of each individual customer. Then use this unified data to build high-value audiences and make every engagement personalised and cost-efficient, across email, mobile, online advertising, and the web.

Marketing Cloud Engagement

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, you can build customer relationships more efficiently with personalised marketing and automated journeys.

Reach customers on their preferred mobile channels with personalised communication. Optimise engagement with targeted scalable messaging and content via email. Target and personalise online advertising across channels and ad networks.

Strategy & Consultancy

We help organisations all around the world drive more memorable customer experiences and deliver even greater business impact.


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Successful Implementations

Transform your digital customer experience

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will allow your organisation to craft data-driven, personalised customer journeys across multiple channels.

It's all in one platform so you can deliver a consistent customer experience across email, social, website, and online advertising.

Power up your campaign strategy, audiences, and content by using unified customer data to inform all actions.

Save your marketing team time with generative AI infused across the campaign lifecycle, and make 1-to-1 personalisation a reality.

We work with some of the biggest organisations in the world to provide Salesforce Consulting Services, helping them drive real-time digital experiences that transform the customer experience, and ultimately deliver more revenue.

Keen to find out more? A member of our friendly Salesforce practice is ready and waiting to help - just get in touch with us today!

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