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Building digital experiences that drive real value

DCX is an award-winning Elite Acquia partner and Acquia Partner of the Year - EMEA.

We specialise in the design and implementation of exceptional digital customer experiences. We are experts in delivering impressive improvements in customer experience, engagement, and return on investment. 

Whether you’re looking to re-develop your website using the Drupal CMS on Acquia, or use Acquia Site Studio, Acquia Site Factory, Acquia DAM, Acquia CDP, or Campaign Studio more effectively, we’re here to help. 


What is Acquia?

Acquia is an open-source digital experience platform (DXP) – the enterprise solution of Drupal - which empowers brands to enhance the digital customer experience and optimise their digital strategy. 

Acquia’s DXP enables companies to design, build, and optimise digital experiences across websites, apps, and other digital products. 

With solutions for all industries from retail and manufacturing to utilities and financial services, DCX and Acquia provide memorable experiences designed to enhance the user experience and increase visibility, customer engagement, and return on investment. 

The benefits of working with DCX - Acquia Partner of the Year

Our digital transformation team will help visualise and create a digital strategy with your business vision at its heart. DCX brings together your traditional and digital assets to ensure brand cohesion and create a unique brand experience.

By analysing and understanding your brand and your customers, DCX will deliver digital transformation solutions to revolutionise your digital strategy and online presence. 

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Your partner in digital transformation

DCX are experts in creating a smooth transition and will provide on-going optimisation to your digital experiences, to create innovative and engaging moments your customers will remember.

Analysing your current strategy and performance, the DCX team will identify issues and barriers in your online customer experience, and recommend digital change to create an experience customers will love.

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Creating flexible, scalable digital solutions

The expert team at DCX uses Acquia to help identify new business opportunities and improve customer experience across all digital assets.

Using both a short-term strategy to solve customer frustrations and issues, and a long-term strategy of digital transformation, we ensure scalable, flexible digital solutions to future-proof any organisation.

Key features of Acquia

Acquia helps marketers, developers, and IT experts take customer digital experiences to a new level. 25% of Fortune 100 companies and 10% of Fortune 500 companies trust Acquia to support their biggest digital experience moments. This includes NBC’s coverage of the Superbowl, and the Olympics.

Platform - Acquia provides the only open Digital Experience Platform on the market.

Solutions – Optimising and improving engagement and conversions to drive results across a multitude of digital channels.

Drupal – Acquia is the number one contributor to Drupal, and this open-source CMS powers the world’s best open DXP (Digital Experience Platform) solution in a unique hybrid model. Acquia was in fact founded by Drupal’s creator.

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What are Acquia’s capabilities?

Acquia offers an open suite of DXP capabilities including: 

Acquia CMS

Acquia CMS is made for Drupal, offering high, low, and no code enterprise content management solutions. Create better digital experiences and empower your team to create inspiring content with minimal developer requirement.

Learn more about Acquia Drupal CMS.


Acquia Site Studio

Acquia Site Studio is the only low code DXP tool available, helping brands build and update digital experiences with ease. Using Visual Page Builder functionality, your team can create content-rich experiences and preview changes in real time. Improve efficiency and brand cohesion with reusable components to boost conversions across all digital assets. 

Acquia Site Factory

Acquia Site Factory allows multiple websites to be deployed from a single code base, simplifying the governance and management for digital teams. Site delivery is controlled from an administrative console helping non-developers deploy new template driven sites content-based sites quickly and easily. 


Acquia Content Hub

The Acquia Content Hhub is at the heart of brand content strategy and implementation for your whole team. DCX can help you discover and syndicate content from a secure, cloud-based hub, and use the Content Hub API to build custom integrations to non-Drupal applications and assets. 

Acquia DAM

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) from Acquia supports marketing and ecommerce teams to work together using co-ordinated workflows, as well as improve engagement and conversions, and manage and publish digital assets. Create and launch new experiences quicker, and reduce content creation time with re-usable assets.

Learn more about Acquia DAM.


Acquia Personalisation

Acquia Personalisation is a key part of the Acquia DXP. It can be easily deployed to Drupal-based websites and enables site content managers to target audience segments with specific content. Campaign rules can be created based on a unified marketing profile using known or implicit visitor information, and then deployed to support promotional activity or A/B testing continuous improvement programmes. 

Acquia CDP

Acquia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) puts your brand’s customer data in one place, so you can gain powerful insights and supercharge your marketing strategies. Customer data is continually analysed to determine priority audience segments which can then be shared with the Acquia marketing cloud for activation. Fully scalable, and with a flexible design, Acquia CDP can be used by brands of any size - and it will scale with you as you grow. 


Acquia Campaign Studio

Campaign Studio from Acquia drives multi-channel marketing to increase engagement and return on investment. Use marketing automation to deliver what your customer needs, when they need it. Offering seamless deployment and a simple, efficient management system, Acquia Campaign Studio tracks leads throughout the customer lifecycle to optimise your brand’s digital experiences.

Acquia services with DCX

Acquia has been designed to work for customers of all sizes, and across all industries, anywhere in the world.  

Using Acquia’s composable architecture, our clients benefit from a custom tech stack and built-in AI to create exceptional moments for their customers. Fully integrate your digital asset management, manage product information, and connect your content across all digital channels with DCX and Acquia. Acquia enjoys 99.95% uptime, and DCX and Acquia both benefit from 24/7 global support. 

DCX is an award-winning Acquia Certified Partner

DCX is the proud winner of the 2022 Acquia Engage Awards for Best Return in Investment (ROI) for our work with Northern.

DCX worked closely with Northern to develop a strategy to:

  • Radically improve the digital customer experience
  • Provide ways for customers to get the information they need more easily
  • Make Northern a brand that connected and resonated with its audience again
  • Support the recovery of traffic lost during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Offer an increased number of paths to purchase
  • Allow the quick development of promotions

Within six months of implementation, Northern saw an uplift of 100,000 new customers, a 25% increase in transactions, and a 43% increase in revenue.


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