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Data Cleansing. Compliance. Insight.

When was the last time you cleansed your data?

Having accurate and reliable data is vital. It allows you to better understand your customers, generate powerful insights for your campaigns, and drive a better experience.

Following our comprehensive data health check / data cleansing audit, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce costs – by removing redundant data and unnecessary communications, you’ll see an almost instant reduction in campaign spend 
  • Improve compliance – we’ll ensure your data and systems are in line with your legal obligations as a data owner and data processor
  • Increase loyalty – knowing your customers better, and communicating with them in a way that is personalised, will keep them with you for longer
  • Drive sustainability – by removing unnecessary communications – both print and email – you’ll save energy, materials, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint

How does the free data health check work?

Firstly, get in touch with us!

Once you’ve done that, this is what happens:

  1. We'll ask you to supply us with a file that is representative of the data you use for a campaign

  2. We’ll run the data through our comprehensive health check process and checklist

  3. We’ll create a report on the findings - available within 48 hours of receipt of your file - and arrange a meeting to review the results together with you

  4. You can then decide the next steps and how to engage us further

"We're pleased to share a long and successful partnership with DCX, whose technical expertise has helped us most recently upgrade our marketing database, enabling a step-change in our ability to deliver more timely and relevant communications to our customers and more actionable intelligence to our marketers."

Ian Strong, Head of Customer Interactions & Data - Direct Line Group

A name you can trust for your data cleansing needs...

DCX has a dedicated data team with a combined 50 years’ experience in data processing, hygiene and cleansing. 

We use specialist, proprietary software – developed by data experts – for data cleansing and data hygiene.

We have long-standing relationships with numerous clients using DCX’s data processing services – many of whom started out with our data health check.

We are the consultancy and agency arm of Paragon, an international company with over €1.2 billion turnover who transforms our clients’ businesses through innovative communications and cutting-edge technology solutions.


Managing data for leading brands...

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Industry-leading data hygiene and suppression

We use a comprehensive data hygiene suite including PAF, obscenity checks, and record formatting.

Flexible de-duplication at Individual, Family, Household or Company levels.

Over 200 million consumer suppression records covering deceased, preference, assumed gone-away, and notifications.

Apteco Orbit

Apteco Orbit connects your data sources and creates a single environment in which you can visualise data in a single view. Create custom dashboards, reports, and even marketing campaign storyboards, that can be shared with multiple Apteco Orbit users. 

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DCX is an award-winning Apteco Partner

DCX is an Apteco Premium partner agency, working with clients from around the world to digitally transform their operations and enrich customer connections. 

DCX is a proud member of the UK Apteco partner network and has over 15 years’ experience helping businesses like yours enable multi-channel marketing from all your data sources. 

For our data transformation work with Greene King and Health Education England, we were named finalists in the Best Use of Apteco Awards 2022.

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