Andy Farmer
By Andy Farmer on 15 Jun, 2023

ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) is increasingly in the spotlight, and has become a hugely important topic for both consumers and businesses.  

The UK was the first G7 country to sign up to a net-zero target for carbon emissions by 2050. At the same time, consumers are becoming choosier in their choice of brand, based on the sustainability of the services and products they consume. It’s never been more important for organisations to build sustainable practices and have a sustainability strategy, both offline and online. 

That’s why creating a ‘sustainable customer experience’ is at the top of our agenda for all our clients at DCX. 

Here’s three ways you can deliver change, digitally – changes that will positively affect your sustainability aims and the customer experience. 


1. Digital self-service

There’s significant overhead in call centre technology and operatives. For many of the organisations we work with, being able to triage simpler customer queries through digital self-service brings large commercial benefits.  

However, this can’t be at the expense of poor customer experience with basic boiler plate digital content that’s not contextual to the user need. Our experience has shown that just doing only this can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and reduced brand engagement.  

Multiple research studies have shown that customers are happy to use digital self-serve, or assisted channels, if the experience is personal and timely

DCX has considerable experience in developing preference centres, AI-powered chat-bots, and decisioning engines that have enabled digital self-service for large corporations such as Valley Bank, EDF, and Transport for Wales, amongst others. 

2. Reducing unnecessary or wasteful print communications

Delivering a digital alternative for transactional communications such as annual statements, contract details, and welcome documents, is a valuable ‘quick win’ in terms of reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.  

Often, this can be as simple as providing a link or a QR code, which can reduce your direct mail pack sizes by several pages. 

To deliver a ‘sustainable next best action’, however, it’s vital that every customer’s preference, permission, and digital ID is captured, so that they can be switched into a digital-first journey.  

Increasingly, our engagements with clients involve developing ‘digital migration strategies’. This involves analysing their customer databases to understand which cohorts (that are currently receiving print communications) would be open to change and which ‘digital next best action’ (digital channel and messaging) will ensure they migrate. Once known, we then develop the customer journeys (comms and digital touchpoints) to switch and onboard them. 

To ensure these migration journeys are optimal, we conduct first-party research with individuals representing these cohorts to understand which communications aren’t working and what exactly would persuade them to change. We’ve successfully conducted these ‘paperless’ critiques and CX support programmes for the likes of Fidelity, Homeserve, and UNISON. 

3. Personalised experiences

Whether it’s customer service or communications, the common thread in an ESG-focused experience is anticipating customers’ needs and tailoring their experience in real time. 

In short, we’re talking about personalisation. 

Personalisation requires both individual profile and the tracking of behavioural data as the customer moves between your websites, apps, service portal, and phone systems.  

Only then can you deliver a truly individualised experience to each and every customer. 

DCX is expert at creating data strategies and building customer data platforms (CDPs) to deliver audience segmentation and messaging automation at scale, which we’ve done for insurance provider, Direct Line Group. 

Sustainability and the customer experience

Through our work with clients across industries ranging from insurance to transport and financial services to membership organisations, we’ve proven how organisation can swiftly adopt new technology to help them drive a better customer experience and deliver against their corporate sustainability goals.  

To discuss how we can help your organisation achieve the same, just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. 

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