Huw Waters
By Huw Waters on 16 May, 2022

Three people in Paragon DCX have been named the most influential in digital and technology as part of the 2022 BIMA 100 Awards.

Leaders in Tech Innovation

DCX Director of Solutions Consulting, Jeremy Mandell, was named for his outstanding work over the past 18 months with clients in transport, an industry that was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeremy and his team developed a new, industry-leading solution for Smart Ticket Retailing for one of the UK’s leading rail companies in what was a first for the industry.

This ground-breaking solution was recognised by the Railway Delivery Group (RDG) and the Department for Transport (DfT) and used to set up and support the retailing and fulfilment of Flexible Season Tickets, which was the UK Government’s initiative to entice passengers safely back onto public transport to help kick-start the economy.


Leaders in Client Services

Delivery Director at Reason, Noel Warnell, was selected for changing the way Reason communicates and works with customers, championing the use of Agile and the application of empirical data to drive all decision making.

Noel is well-regarded as an authority In the Agile and Delivery space, and regularly speaks at meet-ups and conferences. Over the past 18 months, he has partnered with the Enterprise Agile coach at Levi’s to co-create an Agile strategy and implementation roadmap, defined a tiered Agile coaching proposition for clients, created an internal taskforce to co-create and implement the Reason Agile Lean Framework (RALF), and introduced probabilistic forecasting to colleagues and clients.

Most significantly, Noel has demonstrated how using flow metrics can positively change the way an agency contracts and manages expectations with clients.


Leaders in Design

Another award winner from at Reason, Head of Product Design, Daniel Robert Prieto, was selected for crafting a unique design practice that lives at the intersection of creative thinking, brand strategy, and product design – an approach has helped transform the agency’s work and the briefs clients provide.

Over the past 12 months, Dani has applied the new approach to: transform the way Levi’s thinks about how they sell to their wholesale partners in a post- Covid world – being awarded the Levi’s global award for innovation and impact (Koshland award) along the way; launch a new brand and service proposition for Solivus, a solar energy start-up that recently closed £3m in funding, a new brand and product for Yuup, a Bristol-based experience start-up; and re-think how to drive engagement and effectiveness of online learning for the BBC.

Dani has fostered a culture of creativity and innovation with colleagues and clients alike that allows them to explore and challenge their creative outlets. This push to look differently at problems and possibilities has transformed the way clients look at their work and, even more importantly, the way they approach challenges.


Every year, BIMA celebrates 100 individuals who are transforming the digital, tech, and marketing industry – the pioneers, the changemakers, and the leaders.

Peter Gandy, MD at Reason, commented: “Noel and Dani have both made a huge impact in changing how we think and deliver for clients, and provide them with a better experience. Noel has played a pivotal role in transforming our client delivery relationships by removing emotion and providing data-based options to help our clients make informed decisions in line with their project objectives.”

Gandy continued: “The work Dani did for Levi's, BBC, and Solivus, was amazing. His thought patterns and process, and the way he communicated the work, was nothing short of brilliant. Noel and Dani’s approach and work has resulted in extremely happy clients, and they thoroughly deserve this accolade.”

James Goldhill, CEO at Paragon DCX, said: “DCX exists to offer brands a versatile partner to tackle complex business, marketing, and digital challenges. We are the coming-together of globally-renowned creative, data, and customer communications powerhouses; digital experience specialists; marketing automation rock-stars; and mobile application, digital product and platform gurus.”

“Having three of our talented workforce recognised by the premier digital industry body for their work in delivering innovative industry firsts, and transforming how we work with clients in order to deliver better results, is proof that we are up there with the best agencies in the country.”

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