Huw Waters
By Huw Waters on 11 Apr, 2023

We’re extremely proud to announce that Paragon DCX has been named an Acquia Elite Partner – one of only 4 in EMEA and only 23 in the world.

The enterprise solution of Drupal, Acquia is a leading open-source digital experience platform (DXP) that empowers brands to build, deliver, and enhance the digital customer experience.

The Acquia Elite Partner accolade is the pinnacle of the Acquia Partner Programme – a trusted benchmark for organisations to use when validating and selecting an Acquia partner.

With over 15 years’ experience, when it comes to Acquia, DCX is one of the few partners who can do it all. We cover the entirety of the Acquia product ecosystem - Drupal Cloud: Acquia CMS, Cloud Platform, Site Studio, Acquia Edge, Content Hub; and Marketing Cloud: Customer Data Platform (CDP), Personalisation, Campaign Studio, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Product Information Management (PIM).

With solutions for all industries from retail and manufacturing to transport and travel and financial services, DCX and Acquia provide memorable experiences designed to deliver customer happiness.


What makes an Acquia Elite Partner?

An Acquia Elite Partner is one that:

  • Shows high levels of expertise and superior knowledge across the Acquia digital experience platform
  • Has a high level of technical capability, with a large number of certified staff, and works competently and confidently with Drupal and Acquia
  • Is fully committed to the partnership, engaging in go-to-market activities to drive business forward for both parties
  • Proactively engages with Acquia on marketing initiatives and promotes the benefits of the Acquia Open DXP
  • Provides customers with exceptional solutions, advice, and support

What does Acquia say about DCX?

Garry Levitt, director channel sales at Acquia, said: “Paragon DCX is a real success story in EMEA when it comes to Acquia. They have been leading the way for many years, consistently demonstrating the positive effect that creatively-designed and technically-powerful digital experiences can have on customer engagement and organisational performance. Their work with Northern, for which they won the Acquia Engage Awards for Best Return on Investment (ROI) last year, is a case in point. They radically improved the digital customer experience for the transport organisation, providing ways for customers to get the information they need more easily, and delivered an impressive 43% uplift in revenue.”

Levitt continued: “Paragon DCX’s appointment to Acquia Elite Partner is well-deserved and is in recognition of their proficiency, their continued commitment to the platform, as well as keeping so many organisations happy by delivering remarkable digital experiences that have generated both significant cost savings and revenue gains, and helped brands get closer to their customers.”

How DCX can help

DCX is your partner in digital transformation, helping you to help identify new business opportunities and improve customer experience.

Using both a short-term strategy to solve customer frustrations and issues, and a long-term strategy of digital transformation and innovation, we’ll deliver and ensure you get a scalable, flexible digital solution to future-proof your organisation and drive it forward.

Get in touch with our award- winning Acquia experts to learn more.

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