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Right message. Right time. Right channel.

Staying ahead of your competitors means fast access to customer insights to build data-led, high-performing campaigns to create omnichannel experiences that keep customers coming back again and again.

Apteco’s marketing solutions can help you do just that, and DCX can help your business use their technology to drive results. 


What is Apteco Marketing Software?

Apteco marketing software is a comprehensive data exploration and multi-channel insights solution. It enables powerful data-led analysis, sophisticated campaign management, and predictive analytic capabilities. 

Apteco Capabilities

Apteco software data is unparalleled when it comes to data analysis and visualisation. Using the Apteco marketing suite, DCX and our clients can create and optimise future-proof marketing campaigns and experiences for any industry.

Apteco gives you one place for all your data, offering incredible visualisation tools to easily understand large data-sets, to turn insight into marketing action to deliver the right message at the right time, and discover new revenue streams.

Apteco software includes campaign management and project reporting, and dashboards which can be shared with marketing talent and stakeholders.  


"Apteco allows Greene King to manage significant complexity with multiple brands and customer touchpoints, all managed efficiently and effectively to create clear insight and identify the optimal customer strategy. Through this project, Greene King has benefited from an increased understanding of our customers and optimised operational activity to engage them."

Paddy Purcell, Head of Customer Data & Analytics, Greene King

Apteco FastStats

Apteco FastStats is a data analysis and exploration suite like no other. Discover new, influential customer data insights to perfect marketing campaigns and meet your users in the right place, at the right time.

Apteco FastStats systems use multiple data sources to deliver inspired insights and fresh ideas for your marketing campaigns. FastStats pulls all your data into a single customer view so you can easily identify trends, segment data, and provide personalised experiences.  

FastStats employs machine learning to read behaviour and spend analysis to offer customers the next best product to drive revenue and supercharge conversions. 

Apteco PeopleStage

PeopleStage is Apteco's specialist campaign planning and management tool designed to complement FastStats and create personalised marketing campaigns based on FastStats systems.

The PeopleStage visual campaign builder helps develop campaigns designed to meet your marketing objectives, and supports you in determining and executing campaigns through the most appropriate channel or technology. 

Its built-in tools allow campaigns to be edited in real time, or extended based on performance detailed in the PeopleStage suite of pre-defined reports. 

Apteco Orbit

Apteco Orbit connects your data sources and creates a single environment in which you can visualise data in a single view. Create custom dashboards, reports, and even marketing campaign storyboards, that can be shared with multiple Apteco Orbit users. 

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DCX is an award-winning Apteco Partner

DCX is an Apteco Premium partner agency, working with clients from around the world to digitally transform their operations and enrich customer connections. 

DCX is a proud member of the UK Apteco partner network and has over 15 years’ experience helping businesses like yours enable multi-channel marketing from all your data sources. 

For our data transformation work with Greene King and Health Education England, we were named finalists in the Best Use of Apteco Awards 2022.

The Benefits of Working with an Apteco Partner Agency

Apteco works closely with us to help ensure our clients always receive the full value of Apteco software.

Apteco maintains the highest standards and, as part of the premium partner network, DCX is able to offer the highest levels of service and best practice to our clients.

As an Apteco partner agency, DCX also benefits from enhanced consulting, data analysis, campaign management, and reporting solutions for our customers. 

Do Apteco. Better.

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