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Nurse recruitment campaign for national health body


Nurse recruitment has always been a priority for the NHS and for government policy as a whole, but this activity has taken on even more significance since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health Education England wanted to get in touch with people considering nursing as a career and guide them through the process of applying to study.



Health Education England wanted to send personalised emails to young people thinking about studying nursing (and others considering a career-switch).

The problem? Identifying those people in the first place.

Our team of CRM experts collected data from Health Education England’s website and from UK-wide recruitment events. We then planned four eCRM journeys, based on individuals’ interests and where they were in the university application process. The email campaigns we created, managed and sent through Acoustic, consisted of tailored content and provided valuable information to guide potential applicants through the process.


people contacted


opened the initial email


applied to UCAS to study nursing


The campaign achieved an average open rate of 42.5%, with 65% of recipients opening the initial welcome email.

The engagement was also high, with average click-through rates of 15%.

Of the 49,000 people contacted, more than a quarter said they applied to UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admission Service) at some stage on the email journey.

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