Hannah Stapleford
By Hannah Stapleford on 13 Sep, 2023

September is the start of the new school year, there is a chill in the air, and there is a new Apple update - iOS17.

With the latest iOS17 update, Apple announced that uses can expect some new privacy and security features.

And not to our surprised, email analytics is being hit again, this time with Link Tracking Protection. This powerful feature will remove URL tracking parameters from links accessed in Apple mail and message apps.

User identifiable data will also be removed, but UTM codes won’t, as we understand it to be stripped from URLs.

So, what does iOS17 mean for you?

Whilst iOS17 won’t alter how clicks are tracked, and importantly all links will still work, but it may strip additional information from the URL - basically any tracking that relates to person activities post link-click will be impacted.

Any campaigns that rely heavily on cross platform tracking, making it difficult to attribute website visits or conversions back to specific campaigns, maybe affected.

We suggest taking the time to check the specific impact of the iOS17 update has on your campaigns - this may differ dependent on your ESP and the links you have in place.  

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When updates like iOS17 happen, having an experienced partner like DCX by your side, one with experience of tackling complex business and digital challenges, and driving a culture of change, can make all the difference.

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