Kate Isbey
By Kate Isbey on 30 Jan, 2024

We sat down with senior designer, Angelina Pal-Daruwalla, to look to the year ahead and get some inspiration on what brands should be looking out for in terms of design and how they can stay relevant and on top of their creativity.

Here are her 8 design tips for 2024…


With lockdowns a fleeting memory of the past, we’re seeing in-person design workshops making a comeback.

Hybrid working is here to stay, but the creative team at DCX loves the energy, magic, and exchange of ideas when we see each other and our clients in real life.

Brand and strategy workshops allow clients to actively get involved and embrace real-life collaboration, which results in brilliant, better campaigns and brand development.


The traditional bento box originates Japan.

Each delicious morsel of the meal has its own compartment.

The design world has jumped on the idea of different layouts, sections, and dividers to showcase their work.

Whether it’s static or moving imagery, providing creative with its own compartment is a great way to showcase projects in an exciting way.


We’ve noticed a vast number of brands have stripped back their brand identities and gone back to the simple yet effective approach of graphic design.

The latest Pepsi logo is a perfect example of this, displaying the brand journey from the 1890s to 2023.

The latest iteration of the logo strips away additional elements and focuses on bold type, brand colours, and the iconic holding device.

This creative approach to branding is becoming increasingly popular with other brands seeking to create minimalist brand identities.


Static images are quickly becoming less noticed. Motion design in the format of MP4s and GIFs are becoming increasingly popular.

I’ve witnessed a huge increase in moving imagery, especially with wider usage of TikTok and Instagram.

Moving imagery cuts through the overwhelming amount of content online and captures the user’s attention instantly.

Using motion design has to be a key programme of work for any creative team in 2024.


3D graphics have become increasingly popular in the branding industry.

I think this has come from the fact that AI has made it much easier to take the traditional illustration up to the next level, resulting in 3D characters and scenes.

Here is a great example of how Omlet, a pet food company, has used 3D graphics for their new packaging design.

This design style definitely draws attention in comparison to the typical illustration / photography style used for pet food packaging. I’m looking forward to seeing what other companies come up with by using this exciting style of design!


Is AI the future? At DCX, we think of it as an exciting addition to the team. One of a number of tools we add to the magic box.

We’re working alongside it, not against it!

AI can be used in several ways to help and assist the way we work.

An example of how DCX has embraced AI is by incorporating software such as MidJourney, DALL-E, and Firefly into our mood board and storyboarding development.

Using AI for this means that we can explore a variety of different techniques and methods in half the time it would manually take us to do the same thing.


Sustainability matters. And how design departments embrace the topic is important.

We’re witnessing a few changes and developments in the design industry.

From plantable business cards, recyclable materials, and minimal packaging, brands are becoming increasingly aware of their footprint and making positive changes throughout their companies.


Everything comes back to the craft. And that doesn’t just have to live on our Macs.

We have proven this within the DCX Creative team, as we have a variety of people who harness their creativity in a more hands-on way.

From dress-making to singing and even building circuit boards to create children’s toys, the team lives creativity inside out – and outside in.

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