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Connect your data. Uncover new insights.

Snowflake’s single platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so you can get more value from your data - wherever it sits in your organisation.

Our clients use Snowflake Data Cloud to collaborate with data, build data applications, and pull ahead of their competitors.

With comprehensive data security, expanded encryption capabilities, and dynamic data masking, Snowflake offers a secure and protected service for your organisation and your data.

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What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is software which operates as a cloud data warehouse, allowing our clients to store and analyse all of their data in one place.

Using Snowflake enables greater collaboration and democratisation of data in a highly secure environment.

Snowflake allows your organisation to store and access your structured, semi-structured, and raw data in one location, and gain seamless access to external data with similar scale and speed.

Snowflake Implementation Services

DCX uses Snowflake to work with and support clients on large data sets - speeding up traditional data processes and practices with easily-enabled governance, using cutting-edge tools, applications, and value services.

Our skilled Snowflake and data science team will audit your data, then design and build a solution to best fit your business.

The Snowflake Data Warehouse

The Snowflake Data Cloud delivers the speed, concurrency, and extensibility necessary to develop and run modern data applications, models and pipelines.

The Snowflake platform will allow your organisation to connect data globally and work seamlessly together to unlock new insights and create custom data solutions.


Snowflake implementation will allow you to bring all your data sets into a unified data warehouse. You will be able to quickly and easily store, sort, and access data from across your entire business.


Experience the benefits of Snowflake's extensibility to create and implement a huge range of data products and applications, models, and pipelines, to build custom insight solutions for your organisation.


Data collaboration with colleagues and third parties globally and across multiple clouds is possible with Snowflake implementation. You can break data down and simplify data sharing and distribution, all within a secure and accessible environment.


Utilise Snowflake Marketplace to increase revenue and value by offering data services and data-sets to customers.

Data analytics platform

Specialised data insight tools are essential to uncover invaluable opportunities lying within your data. Gain a deeper understanding into your business and your customers to help build effective strategies and business plans to improve everything from cost management to user journeys.


Enjoy improved data security with the Snowflake Data loud, containing governed data for all users and secure 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to maximise insight and implementation possibilities. Robust data governance practices preserve privacy, enable revocable access, and allow case-level auditing.

Why work with a Snowflake Implementation Agency?

Take the first step toward becoming a data-driven organisation with the help of an expert partner for your Snowflake implementation.

As a Snowflake implementation agency with over 20 years' experience helping organisations with their data, we'll:

  • support and enable you organisation to achieve your business goals

  • improve internal practices

  • enhance cost optimisation

  • increase performance success

All of this through a single-source data service.

Working with a Snowflake implementation agency like DCX means enhanced performance and increased opportunity, customised storage and support solutions, and full realisation and application of the Snowflake platform's capabilities.

Strategy & Consultancy

We help organisations all around the world drive more memorable customer experiences and deliver even greater business impact.


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Successful Implementations

Optimise, accelerate, achieve - with Snowflake and DCX

DCX offers professional Snowflake implementation services to optimise, accelerate, and achieve.

We'll help you build sustainable, modern data solutions using Snowflake. We can assist with design, preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimisation, so you can ensure you're set up for long-term growth and value.

Engage our experienced team for your Snowflake implementation and on-going support. Work with our Snowflake experts to mitigate risk, synchronise your business practices, and increase business value.

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