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Stand out from the crowd.

Offering a superior customer experience provides an advantage that is hard to beat or replicate.

Understanding customer experience is a powerful way to develop new propositions and the organisational alignment needed to achieve break-through performance.

We'll help you better understand your customers, so you can develop experiences that exceed customer expectations and differentiate your brand from competitors.

Our track record in developing digital products that are business-critical, or services that people rely on, means we’re mindful of striking the right balance between doing what’s right for customer and what’s right for the business. We'll help you rapidly evaluate your customer landscape, determine which segments to focus on, and then consistently serve or engage them across the touchpoints which matter most.

  • Are your customer segments clearly defined and prioritised?
  • Are your core customer journeys effective and delivering on your brand promise?
  • Are your platforms and experiences set up to meet your organisation’s goals?
  • Is your content easy to find and is visual merchandising driving action?
  • Are you capturing user insights that build a clear picture of your customers’ behaviour?

Working with our UX design team, we’ll guide you through ideation and definition phases and empower your teams with the knowledge and expertise they need to drive continual improvements in the future.

"Partnering with DCX to work with us on our digital transformation has been really successful. They’ve helped us to push the boundaries of what we could achieve and the result is a great user experience on both our corporate website and MyMoat customer portal. We’re already seeing a lot of customers signing up to and using MyMoat, which is a game-changer for us."

Mark Rogers, Director of Business Transformation, Moat

Do Customer Experience. Better.

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