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4x increase in monthly insurance sales through targeted data sourcing


The Military Mutual was set up to provide insurance cover services such as home, landlord, military kit, and business to serving members, veterans, families, and supporters of the UK's armed forces.

The company was looking to grow swiftly, targeting their audience of military personnel and supporters, but data on those serving in the armed forces is not readily available - you cannot buy a list of their addresses, for obvious reasons.

The Military Mutual turned to DCX to help with appending appropriate data and improving the performance of their customer acquisition campaigns, with a target to increase sales three-fold in just 6 months.



Our first step in driving a better campaign experience and increasing sales was to get deep into the data. We needed to build a broad universe of possible prospect customers, identify those most likely to respond, convert, and produce high value, as well as determine when should a person be contacted, how many times, and on what channel.

This is where DCX AIR - our cutting-edge insurance renewal date appending service - came into its own.

We analysed insurance renewal data across our comprehensive database of over 20 million home and car insurance details, and supplemented this with census, charity donor, and army recruitment data by postcode.

We reviewed and put together over 150 different variables for analysis and accurate targeting, including demographics and housing, lifestyle and hobbies, income and affluence, covering 48m UK individuals, all of which was optimised around insurance renewal dates from DCX AIR to ensure The Military Mutual's acquisition campaigns were relevant and timely.

We ensured that all data was:

  • Legally compliant - aa data sourcing met GDPR requirements

  • Accurate - updates applied monthly

  • Clean - all data was PAF verified and cleansed for gone-aways, deceased, MPS, TPS, and CTPS.

Armed with this data, we then organised a direct mail campaign targeting these new prospects.


increase in monthly sales


increase in response rate


decrease in CPA


Our creative data sourcing and modelling, together with our campaign work, delivered fantastic results for The Military Mutual.

The direct mail campaign saw an increase in response rate from 0.33 to 0.48, and a decrease in cost per acquisition from £296 to £204.

We quadrupled monthly sales from 300 to 1,200 in 6 months.

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