Avoidable Demand Analysis

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Improve customer perceptions of your company

Are you wasting valuable time and money responding to avoidable customer enquiries?

Our consultancy service will help you better understand the causes and pinpoint strategies that can prevent the problem at source, reducing unwanted calls, emails, or webchats – as well as stopping customers becoming upset.

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Discover the root causes

Usually customers don’t want to get in touch unless something isn’t clear, is hard to do, has gone wrong, or their issue hasn’t been resolved quickly enough.

Our consultants will appraise the root causes of your demand, so you can categorise your avoidable demand better.


Get an in-depth assessment

We'll review your MI (Management Information), research, engaging with contact centre agents, text mining, and sentiment analysis.

We’ll then assess the impact of avoidable demand on your organisation and recommend ways to reduce or prevent it.

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