AI-powered Content Critique

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Make your comms more persuasive

Is your communications content effectively persuading your customers to act?

Our expert content critique, supported by our AI eye tracking tool, will tell you whether your marketing and service communications have the right messaging priority, creative treatment, layout, and tone of voice to succeed in their goals.

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AI eye tracker technology

Our content critique service combines our consultants’ extensive experience with the scientific rigour of our AI eye tracker technology.

We examine what people are likely to see in that first crucial 3-5 seconds, delivering an honest appraisal of the strength of its creative and design layout.


Prioritise core messages

Whether it’s prioritising your core messages and if these are aligned with what your customers want to know.

Whether it’s physical or digital media.

We’ll recommend how best to guide your customers through the process, so they better understand and know how to act on the information they see.

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