Digital transformation is dead. Long live business agility.

Why organisations need to embrace, and be ready for, constant change to avoid failure.

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of businesses describe themselves as being 'digital-first'

Is the term ‘digital transformation’ still relevant in today's world?

Businesses are pouring millions into digital initiatives, but a high percentage often fail to succeed.

Are they going about things the wrong way? Are they focusing on technology for technology’s sake? Is there a better answer to today’s problems?

With data from over 300 organisations and interviews from leading brands and thought-leaders, you’ll discover:

  •  Recommendations for succeeding now with digital initiatives

  •  Opinions from leading brands, including Reckitt and Philips, as well as industry influencers

  •  Shocking stats from over 300 digital specialists

What your peers are saying...


are not creating a culture and technology environment which enables them to respond quickly to opportunities and threats


don’t think the impact of digital transformation on revenues is very measurable


say 'lack of skills and knowledge to make it happen' is a major challenge for digital transformation


"We don’t even have to mention digital transformation, because business transformation is going to be hugely digital, whether you want it to be or not."

Lazar Dzamic, Brand Strategist and Lecturer in digital marketing


"There are business pressures across the board. Companies are cutting costs, saving where they can, so if you create projects that focus on that, you’re definitely going to get easier buy-in and more support."

Emma Humbey, Head of Marketing, UK and Ireland, Philips


"What a lot of organisations want now is people in their C-suites and on their boards who totally get this stuff. In the past the same level of importance wasn’t attached to it. People didn’t understand it."

Sathpal Singh, Digital and Technology Leader and Chair of BCS Agile Methods

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