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23 Jun, 2022

Should you be owning your Martech stack strategy and capability or outsourcing it?

Martech can be a powerful enabler in driving business, but it’s more than just a one-time investment. Staying on the bleeding edge demands constant effort by a dedicated team - and that’s more than most organisations can afford.

Here’s our top five things to consider when thinking about your Martech stack strategy and whether to outsource.

1. Martech is always moving

While some things in business are ’one and done’, a Martech stack is certainly not one of them.

Martech is constantly changing, and that means it’s an ongoing investment – not just financially, but also in terms of business change, employee turnover, and consumer behaviours.

Keeping up with developments in marketing technology can be a full-time job, so it’s perfectly understandable that in-house marketing and technology teams can only do so much. External experts dedicate their full efforts to knowing all there is to know about Martech, adapting the Martech stack to suit each client’s needs, in order to keep up with market trends and deliver for customers.

With close relationships with technology partners and experience working across a range of clients, the knowledge an external partner brings when it comes to Martech is unparalleled.

2. The recruitment problem

Despite efforts by vendors to make software simpler to use, an expert touch still goes a long way.

With a limited number of Martech professionals on the market – and given that the recruitment market currently favours expert candidates – it’s unlikely that a business will be able to assemble an in-house team composed of top talent quickly and comprehensively.

Even when organisations do find an outstanding Martech professional, the volatile recruitment landscape means that there is a real danger they will be poached by competitors. Businesses finding themselves in this position often have no-one else to step into the leaver’s shoes, leaving Martech management intermittent and inadequate.

3. Getting stuck in silos

Limited understanding of Martech within organisations often results in an inability to see the larger picture and a fractured, siloed approach.

Our Glued Up report found that half of CX decision-makers in large organisations feel they do not have a ‘mature’ and ‘joined-up’ internal approach to CX.

Almost a quarter, 24 percent, are still working on developing a joined-up approach, while 12 percent admit that their organisation has no plans to avoid a siloed model.

17 percent of respondents expressed that their organisation already has a developed approach, but that it’s hindered by silos. When asked why silos are an issue in their organisation, a quarter of respondents replied that being overwhelmed with other tasks was the main reason.

Remarkably, only 14 percent of decision-makers are designing a model which involves cross-department collaboration.

Collaboration is a significant competitive advantage when it comes to driving strong customer experiences, yet businesses still have ways to go to make collaboration stickier for teams. An isolated Martech team cannot work effectively, and they may be receiving unrealistic or conflicting requests from other stakeholders.

Bringing in outside experts means investing in a Martech advocacy team. Agencies with Martech strategy expertise are equipped with the knowledge and experience to get everyone in the organisation – from the C-suite to Marketing and IT – driving in the same direction.

4. Lack of training

Staying up-to-date on the latest developments in Martech can be tough, and most in-house marketing or marketing operations teams simply don’t have access to the training and continuous improvement they need to get the job done.

This leaves organisations unable to maximise ROI from their technology investment – sometimes failing to garner any return at all.

The time commitment involved in ensuring every member of staff who uses part of your Martech stack can sometimes be completely prohibitive for all but the largest organisations. Given the level of expertise required to stay on top of systems that change at a dizzying rate, investment in continuous learning on Martech systems is vital - and an external partner has that.

5. The benefits of outsourcing

In the face of the all the challenges of managing Martech in house, outsourcing can be a great option.

By choosing a versatile and experienced partner like DCX, your organisation can have access to industry-leading Martech experts who work to understand your organisation’s needs, develop a comprehensive strategy, and execute it with precision.

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