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DCX works in partnership with Dotdigital to create award-winning cross-channel campaigns -  for custom projects, templated integrations, and outside-the-box projects - for any industry.

We are a Dotdigital Gold Partner.


What is Dotdigital?

Dotdigital is an all-in-one SaaS platform integrating a wide range of digital marketing capabilities including email automation, SMS marketing, WhatsApp, and live chat to create campaigns that deliver.

The Dotdigital marketing platform allows you to be in front of your potential customers, at the right time, and the right place.

Dotdigital integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems, including e-commerce and CRM systems, to offer real-time customer data, helping you to maximise ROI, increase revenue, and scale your business through omni-channel marketing.

With a wide range of easy-to-use, pre-built templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop design studio, and dynamic content elements, Dotdigital helps you create highly engaging customer moments and experiences.

Maximising Dotdigital’s capabilities

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation remains one of the best value marketing channels, delivering an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.

Always in demand by organisations of all sizes, email marketing allows you to engage with your audience, increase website traffic, as well as generate sales and repeat custom.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing works hand in hand with email marketing automation to create hyper-personalised experiences for your customers.

Provide your customers with tailored, memorable moments and messaging designed to suit their interests and requirements.

Landing pages and forms

Once SMS and email marketing automation bring your customer to your website, only a highly-crafted, intuitive landing page will do.


Use re-targeting to recover abandoned carts, entice interested customers back with dynamic content designed around their viewing behaviours, and increase return traffic and conversions.

Stay in front of your customers across search engine and social media ad networks, and build your own automation programmes quickly and easily to control re-targeting and reduce wasted spend.

Live chat

Live chat is one of the fastest growing additions to e-commerce and retail sales websites.

Like calling customer service - only faster and easier - live chat improves conversion and engagement, but also customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Push notifications

Complement your email and SMS marketing with push notifications and push messaging to further increase engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.


WhatsApp is one of the most enticing channels for consumers on the planet today, providing customers with an unparalleled brand communications experience.

Data unification and enrichment

Dotdigital uses data points from across your entire data stack, unifying your data into a single intelligent source.

Easy to build, and easy to use, Dotdigital empowers marketers to create targeted emails and workflows, and make informed decisions.

Segmentation and target audiences

From optimised segments driven by analytics to lookalike audiences, Dotdigital empowers you to confidently build custom target audiences at any level.

Activation and reporting

Harness the power of personalisation and create customer journeys to deliver the right message at the right time, to delight customers.

Use Dotdigital's omni-channel approach to speak to your customer on their preferred channel to enhance engagement and revenue.

SMS testing tools & built-in link tracking

Find out what's working and how to improve your SMS engagement metrics with Dotdigital’s testing tools.

DCX can help you harness customer data to personalise your SMS marketing messages, in the same way you’d optimise your email marketing campaigns. Dotdigital features link tracking as standard so you can discover who is engaging with your content and what messages generate the best conversion rates.

Why work with a Dotdigital partner?

Working with a recognised Dotdigital partner like DCX ensures you're working with a team of highly-trained Dotdigital experts, with the capability to make your cross-channel communications and brand presence shine.


Clients using Dotdigital


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Your award-winning Dotdigital agency partner

As a Dotdigital Gold Partner, we've created memorable multi-channel marketing campaigns for over 40 clients across various sectors using the Dotdigital platform.

We’ll take the time to analyse your current strategy and performance to identify opportunities and share new ways to use email automation, SMS, WhatsApp, and other tools to increase conversion and revenue for your business.

Our Dotdigital clients include... 

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