Senior QA Automation Engineer


We're looking for a test engineer with a good understanding of the QA process in a web-based project, including manual and automated testing experience.

You should have experience in defining the acceptance criteria for a feature based on the requirements and designs, and be able to implement the test cases in collaboration with the developers. Setting up test automation for a project and the ability to build maintainable and extensible test suites using JavaScript-based tools is required.

DCX agency, Reason, works in creating start-ups, new digital products, and digital transformation for the retail, finance, insurance, and media sectors. We build consumer, B2B, and internal-facing tools, focused on products with utility and operational use to people and businesses.

Everyone at Reason has a genuine interest in user and customer experience of the products we build. We are creators. We love good design, good technology, and happy customers that succeed when they work with us.

You will be:

  • Helping the team to continuously and iteratively improve the automation, tools and processes that get code from concept through to production as high-quality and risk-free, as required.
  • Finding areas for improvement.
  • Reducing friction of any repeated processes.
  • Involved in architecture designs and planning, to bring your experience and perspective.
  • Writing test cases based on product specifications and designs.
  • Making sure that the product fulfils the requirements using manual and automated tests.
  • Bringing a quality assurance perspective to the work the team is doing.
  • Strong in knowledge of different forms of software testing.
  • Design testing: ensuring final implementation matches agreed designs and UX.
  • End-user testing: impersonating end users and their journeys through the application to help uncover edge cases, and ensure the products users’ overall experience is bug-free.
  • Able to find and raise issues before they get to our customers.

You will need experience in:

  • Working with the following in a production environment for B2B or consumer digital products:
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Software engineering and quality practices
  • Functional and integration testing of web-based systems
  • Ability to define test cases based on specifications and designs
  • Understanding web services and APIs
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Good debugging skills
  • Build, test, deployment pipelines
  • API testing
  • JavaScript with ES6
  • Selenium Webdriver, for example,
  • JS based testing frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, React Testing Library React.js
  • Cloud-based continuous integration services, for example CircleCI
  • Shell scripting
  • Command line experience
  • BDD/Cucumber
  • Docker

Experience working in teams

  • Using agile development methodologies a plus
  • Strong abilities with task ownership and accountability
  • Git skills
  • Using project management tools for managing their work, such as Jira
  • Updates tickets with useful information, steps to replicate, screenshots as needed.
  • Documents to share knowledge (to avoid making themselves a single-point of failure when they’re away)
  • Asks for help when needed
  • Communicates progress or blockers
  • Available and responsive when needed
  • Good naming convention habits and useful git commit messages
  • Collaborative estimation
  • Defining acceptance criteria with the product owner and a developer
  • Collaborating with developers to help them to implement the required test coverage

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