Front-end Developer


As a Front-end Developer, you'll be working in a cross-functional team with strategists, designers and other developers to understand project needs and requirements, translate these into new and improved web experience solutions, and collaborate with your team members to bring your ideas to life.

We have multiple projects with varying technology stacks, however the front-end will likely involve either Angular or React single-page applications or CMS-powered websites (headless, decoupled or server-rendered).

Your day-to-day work will include: front-end solution design and web development in a variety of modern technologies, working in a pair programming model, writing clean, lean, testable and well-documented code, collaborating with the wider team including Quality Analysts and Project Managers in an Agile model.

You will be reporting directly to the Front-end Lead.

Key duties

  • Building and integrating new front-end applications.
  • Work with existing projects in order to scale, maintain, and improve their functionality.
  • Designing and implementing new features and functionalities of current and new projects.
  • Writing tests for your code, keeping to best standards, and working in a CI/CD environment.
  • Working with the cross-functional development team to spread knowledge and develop resources.
  • You will be expected to fit into an existing team and hit the ground running.
  • Keeping to a delivery schedule for projects.

What we're looking for

  • Knowledge of core web technologies, principles, and best practices, not just frameworks (i.e. an ability to work with basic vanilla JS/TS on occasion).
  • Good experience with modern front-end tooling - style pre/post processors, package managers, linters, packaging/deployment tools etc.
  • TypeScript
  • Experience in Angular or React, with a willingness to work with both 
    experience with integrating RESTful APIs into dynamic UIs
  • A solid understanding of TDD and best practices across unit, integration and end-to-end tests
  • Good English and communication skills
  • Proficiency in code versioning tools, such as Git
  • A sensitivity to quality benchmarks such as usability, accessibility, validity, performance, and SEO
  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position

Not strictly required but a big plus...

  • Personal decoupled / headless CMS methodologies
  • Working in an Agile environment
    virtualised and / or containerised local development
  • Cypress end-to-end testing
    basic CI/CD with pipelines as code and DevOps concepts
  • *nix/bash CLI tooling
  • CMS front-end development, in particular, Drupal
  • .Net framework / Microsoft technologies
  • Node.js / AWS
  • An IT-oriented degree

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