Audience Profiling

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Discover the right customer segments for your business

Are you worried you aren’t targeting the right customers?

Our audience profiling service will help you better understand the diverse types of audiences you attract or want to attract, and which ones to focus on.

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Ready to profile your audience?

Do you really know your customers?

Many organisations have a picture of their customers in their head.

However, with rapid and fundamental market changes, this picture may no longer be representative, up-to-date, or include potentially valuable new sub-segments.


Geo-demographic profiling

We’ll geo-demographically profile your customer base into sub-groups using Acorn, focusing on two or three significant splits that are specific to your challenges.

For example, this could be more prospects vs. customers, recent customers vs. legacy, or purchase behaviour or subscription vs. non-subscription.

Pen portraits that bring your audiences to life

We’ll run these profiles against your data and create pen portraits that bring your audiences to life, building a deeper picture including demographics, affluence, lifestyle and media, digital channel usage, attitudes, and brand preference.

We’ll also recommend strategies that make the most of that insight.


Profile your audiences today...